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Complements their Guide to Resetting Targets in One Day Matches.

Name cricket's most famous partnership nowadays and you can forget Hobbs and Sutcliffe, Statham and Trueman or Lillee and Thomson. Instead you have to turn to Duckworth and Lewis, the two statisticians who brought order to the one-day game when rain interfered. These days almost every weather-truncated one-day match throughout the world is decided by the Duckworth Lewis method; this book tells the story behind it; how it came into being and how the two were sometimes pilloried in the media after commentators and correspondents failed to understand the logic behind it.

Mathematicians and keen cricket fans, Frank Duckworth, editor of RSS News, the monthly magazine of the Royal Statistical Society, and Tony Lewis, retired university lecturer in mathematical subjects, grew up within a few miles of each other in West Lancashire although they didn't know one another - indeed they had planned to call their formula the 'Lancastrian' method. The book sets out why the method was needed and gives a full explanation of how it works. Although a computer program is needed for top games, those at a lesser level can still use the tables in the book.

But the book also shows the human side of the story, how they persuaded the cricket authorities to accept their method; the mistakes they made along the way and how they corrected them; the way they developed it to take account of changes in the way the game is played, and how they coped with increasing fame. Most of all it tells how two mathematicians were able to blend their separate skills to succeed in selling a mathematical product to a non-mathematical public. The duo became so well known that they had a racehorse named after them and then a pop group, although they have a much more famous connection with the world of music than the group The Duckworth Lewis Method: when a student at Liverpool University in the early 1960s Frank Duckworth lodged with Aunt Mimi, the woman who brought up her nephew John Lennon!



Christopher Bazalgette has updated this helpful little guide mainly aimed at new or younger players but does include a section on umpiring and scoring.

He has included the scoring symbols against the umpire's signals. This would be particularly helpful for novice scorers to keep open at this page during a game.

THINK – Cricket is the only cricket book to define what you should think about as a captain, batsman, bowler, wicket-keeper or fielder. Each position is described for the thought process during and after play, and both thoughts for captaincy and batting before you take the field.

The better you compete mentally the more likely you are to win the match and your enjoyment of the game will be greater.

THINK – Cricket is mainly for the young cricketer, but every amateur cricketer will learn and improve by reading this book. Even if you know some of the contents, it is still good to remind yourself – as the authors do annually.

In a long and distinguished career Christopher Bazalgette has taken 3,824 wickets including those of a number of Test cricketers from around the world. A member of the MCC and a Fellow of the Forty Club, he is also lifepresident and co-founder of the Bat and Ball CC. He is a current playing member of The Hampshire Hogs CC, for whom he has taken more than 1400 wickets, and the Grannies CC.

John Appleyard played county cricket for Hertfordshire for 18 years and was captain for seven years. A member of the MCC since 1959, he is also an advanced cricket coach.


Classic Text book updated to 2010 Laws – expected soon

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2011 Umpires Log Book contains 40 copies of Pink cards with extra space for recording the exact times of 14 interruptions in play in each innings (eg time taken for new batsman to come in, ball lost over boundary, injuries etc) all of which may be important factors in determining penalties for slow over rates. Now with space for score at end of each over. And several aide memoires!


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