Acumen News #109 January 2007 brings fresh impetus to ACU&S Courses





Dear Fellow Umpire / Scorer / Coach,

I trust you have had a restful Christmas and are now ready for the winter training season, which seems to be geeting into full swing.

Forthcoming courses

Judging from our recent orders there are active ACU&S courses in Ireland, Canada, Cornwall, Lincolnshire, Staffordshire, Surrey, Sussex, Durham, Lancashire, Buckinghamshire, Worcestershire, Germany, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire, Hampshire, Nottinghamshire, Norfolk, India, Scotland, Channel Islands, Northumberland, Yorkshire, Suffolk, Oxfordshire, Trinidad, West Indies, South Africa and Northamptonshire –“ but nothing has yet been heard about ECBOA courses. For full details of your nearest course contact your ACU&S Regional Training Officer or TB.Sec[AT]

Those recently notified in detail to us include
Hertfordshire Society of Umpires and Scorers
- at 1930hrs on Thursday, 18th January 2007 at Harpenden C C. hertscca[AT]
- at 2000hrs on Thursday, 8th February 2007 at Chorleywood C C. brian.mulholland[AT]

Keep watching (and posting to) our bulletin board where there is also a very lively discussion about the future.

Bulletin Board

Surrey Umpires and Scorers Cricket Seminar 11 March 2007

The Surrey associations are joining Surrey Cricket to raise the profile of umpiring and scoring by means of an all-day seminar with prominent speakers at Caterham School.

Further details about the Seminar, together with a booking form, are available on the Events section of the ACU&S South East Region.

South East Region ACU&S Website

Information for ACU&S Instructors

Chairman of Examination Board Colin Thorogood colin.t[AT] has asked me to remind instructors that there is a new training disc available from RTO’s both in modular format or straight 1-42. (December 2006)


So advertises rajoo692001 on Ebay.

England are in a sorry state but some of you will still want to follow the World Cup and rajoo has produced an interesting leaflet summarising not only the schedule but also much other information for any cricket lover not collated anywhere else – for example, he says that no cricketting site will tell you how to calculate the net run rate of a team during tournament. He has also included a summary of past 8 World Cups showing highlights of every World Cup and summarises the Duckworth/Lewis method. He will highlight your team when he emails your copy and leaves room on the schedule for the match result, run rate, net run rate any many other details. Place your bid on Ebay when he re-lists it shortly. Not the world’s most luxurious document but convenient good value at around $2-$3.

Rajoo's home page on Ebay (keep looking it will be there soon)

Eric - e.brown[AT] has the following secondhand books for sale:

Playing it Straight – Ken Barrington(1968)
Skilful cricket – Bob Woolmer (1993)
Lord’s Companion – Benny Green(1987)
Basingstoke Boy – John Arlott
NatWest Boundary Book-Frewin(1987)
Essential EW Swanton-EWS(1990)
My Lord’s-Tim Heald(1990)
Double Century-Tony Lewis(1987)
Wisden Illustrated History of Cricket –Vic Marks
Art of Bowling – Jon Snow(1989)
Cricket is a game – Colin McCool(1961)
Whats your sport, Cricket – Chris Cowdrey
MCC – Colin Cowdrey
Gillette Book of Cricket/Football – Gordon Ross 1963
National Cricket Association Handbook 1982
Lord’s 1787-1945 – Pelham Warner
Lord’s 1946-1970 – Kerr & Peebles
West Indian Adventure – EW Swanton(1953)
Cricket in Firelight – Richard Binns
Century of Cricketers – AG Moyes
Cricket Mercenaries – David Lemom(1987)
Encyclopaedia of Cricket – Maurice Golesworthy(1966)
Village Cricket – Gerald Howat
Peter May – Alan Hill

New South Wales mourn sacking of Darrell Hair

CoutoMarcus[AT] reports that, in November, New South Wales umpires recently took to the field wearing black armbands in support of Darrell Hair’s demotion from the ICC Elite Panel.and also to express concern at a total lack of respect for the role of the Umpire by the ICC along with a demise in the idea of 'playing by the Laws' but I cannot find any mention on their website:

New South Wales Umpires Website

Indian Association of Cricket Statisticians and Scorers

Theo Braganza theacssi[AT] advises that the Indian ACSS will be holding their AGM and presentations on Saturday, February 17th in Mumbai at 3 pm followed by a computer scoring demo by Mr. Sunil Lange and dinner. Visitors please contact Theo for an invitation.

Next day, 18th February a practical scoring session is organized at the Press Box of the Wankhede Stadium from a Ranji One Day match. This is organized to sort out any difficulty one finds in manual or computer scoring. Guidance will be available from experience BCCI scorers.

NatWest CricketForce 2007

ECB are very keen that all cricket clubs have the opportunity to participate in NatWest CricketForce 2007 over the weekend of March 31st and April 1st. NatWest CricketForce is effectively GroundForce meets Changing Rooms and is a wonderful opportunity for club members and the community to come together to improve your club facilities at little or no cost, increase your club membership and provide more club members who will play an active role in developing your club in the future. If your club has not already registered (and they have 571 clubs registered to date) then please visit their website NOW so you don’t miss out. You will also find a host of useful information to help you organize NatWest CricketForce at your club including a step by step guide, case studies of what clubs have previously achieved and some real tangible benefits from business supporters and much more

In 2006 NatWest CricketForce had 1062 clubs participating with 70,000 volunteers and an estimated £25m of investment (mainly in kind contribution) in to club cricket. The largest community cricket club volunteering programme ever.

NatWest CricketForce

Acumen Advert !

Please remember that we have stocks of Tom Smith, MCC Law Books, Open Learning Manuals and almost everything else that an umpire or scorer could need!

You can buy online using your credit card BUT if you require a bulk supply of any item, please email val[AT] for a quotation.

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