Audley Cricket Club Fun Day

They play in PipeMaster North Staffs & South Cheshire Cricket League

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The Ladies Social Committee held a Charity Fun Day on Bank Holiday Monday 25th August 2003 in aid of a young baby, Jacob  from Alsager, who has been born with a brain defect (it is very uncommon for people to be born blind mostly people are born with sight and then lose it through various things) anyhow apparently when he was in the womb, a part of the brain did not develop properly and hence he is left blind.
At the moment all we know is that he has loss of sight but unfortunately there may be more damage this will not become apparent until he is older.

Below are a number of pictures (which may take a few minutes to load - and I may edit them next week to make the central topic larger - if I get time - I will also add captions if anyone can identify them for me)
The final total will be announced shortly but one of the smallest stalls, Rotary target practice raised 90

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684 Runners up and Winners 650 Two singers 651
652 653 654
655 some of the stalls 656 657 artist at work
658 659 660
661 662 663
664 Even Nurses play cricket 665 666
667 Penalty shoot out 668 669
670 671 672
673 674 675
676 677 678 The Final
679 680 681
682 Horlix Sixties Band 683

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