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John Heywood has contributed the following indoor regulations:

North Hykeham Youth Centre Cricket Team

Indoor Cricket League 2000/01

c/o 14 Ravensmoor Close North Hykeham Lincoln LN6 9AZ

Tel: (01522) 881015 Fax: (01552) 881015 Mobile: (07779) 760566

Email: or


Rules 2000

  1. The League shall be played on a World Cup basis where the top two teams from each group shall qualify for the Knockout stages.

  2. During the Group Stages each team shall play each other in their Group TWICE with the top two teams qualifying for the stage of the league.

  3. The League shall be managed by the Executive Committee of the Youth Centre. s Cricket Team, which consists of the Hon. Director of Cricket, The Hon. Assistant Director, Manager and Youth Worker (North Hykeham). Who shall be known hereafter in these rules as the Management Committee.

  4. The Management Committee. s rulings on any matter concerning these rules shall be final.

  5. The Management Committee shall arrange all fixtures and appoint two neutral Umpires for them.

  6. All fixtures shall be played in accordance with the 2000 code of MCC Laws where no other regulation applies.

  7. Each side shall be made up of 4 players one of whom shall be the Captain.

  8. Each side shall face 4 overs of six fair deliveries in the group stage and 6 overs there after up to and including the Semi Finals. In the Final the teams shall have two innings of six overs with a fist innings lead of 35 runs to enforce the follow on.

  9. No Balls shall score Two Penalty runs in addition to any other runs or boundary scored.

  10. The Wickets shall be pitched on the front white line of the badminton court with the black line in front marking the Popping Crease.

  11. The far back wall shall score 4 runs of a direct hit and two off a deflection. The Entrance door to the Sports Hall shall also score 4 runs. The Back Boards of the Basket Ball Hoops shall score 6 runs and no catch can be made. Any ball that hits the wall above the green shall score 4 runs unless it is caught off the rebound.

  12. Should be ball become caught in a light fitting or any other part of the Sports Hall and can. t instantly retrieved then 6 runs shall be scored.

  13. If at any time during a team. s innings a wicket falls 5 runs shall be deducted from the team. s score and the batsman shall change ends (except in the case of a Run Out where the Batsman shall remain at the ends which they reached.) After 2 overs in the group stages and 3 overs there after, the pair at the wicket shall be replaced with the remaining 2 Batsman, (there shall be no deduction of runs for this replacement)

  14. The Management Committee shall appoint the Umpires for each game and whose decision shall be final. If any member of the team is dissatisfied with a decision made by one or both Umpires they shall have the right to appeal to a member of the Management Committee at the end of the match.

  15. In the Group Stages the Management Committee shall form league tables on the following basis:


    4 Pts


    2 Pts

    Bonus for take 10 or more Wickets

    2 Pts

    Bonus for losing 0 Wickets

    2 Pts

  16. The above Results shall be determined on runs after the deduction of 5 runs for each wicket lost.

  17. If after the Group Stages the result is Match Tied the winner shall be decided on a Bowl Out.


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