EQUIPMENT for Umpires and Groundsmen


All types of run, ball, over & wicket counters

Trousers, LARGE waist BAG

sweater loops

All types of Record Cards / Log Books

TETHERED BAILS -  these will fit on any existing stumps without damage and are easily removed.  prevents injury, especially wicket keepers' eyes such as Mark Boucher of South Africa.  Has the added benefit that umpires do not have to bend down or search for bails after the wicket has been smashed by the bowler.  Sold as a complete match set of 4 bails - 15.00  Tethered Bails

Plain White Plastic Markers are readily available
50p each + 1.50 UK p&p (any quantity)

We can produce both Plastic and Rubber Markers with your own association or sponsor logo
email office[AT] for quote


White plastic spike printed single colour 200 for 100, 100 for extra 100

White rubber (flat & heavy) with multi colour screen printed
250 for 100, 100 for each extra 100

PLUS Delivery PLUS artwork (rarely necessary)


High Visibility Bails When standing at the Striker's End, do you sometimes find that the colour of the bails merge with both the stumps and the parched grass?
These normal weight bails have been specially stained to make them much easier to see. set of four 6.95 plus 3.00 UK p&p

HiVisibility Bails

All our bails are checked for MCC 2000 Law dimensions

Heavy Bails (no longer made of Ebony or Lignum Vitae but still heavier than normal bails).
for windy days - sold in sets of four - dark coloured - minimum weight 120 gm.
set of four 5.95 plus 2.00 UK p&p

Standard Bails set of four 4.95 plus 2.00 UK p&p
Youth / Junior Bails also available.

Resusciaide Device enables you to give Mouth-to-Mouth without risk of disease.
Thin but tough plastic sheet with a one-way valve, supplied in a small flat sealed/clipped pack,
easily carried in pocket ALSO in your car etc. We may substitute a similar item from other makers (eg Isolaide, Resushield).
2.40 small

Scissors small metal pair that fold safely to put in pocket when not in use on keyring pair 1.95 1.00

Roller Mop specially designed to pick up moisture without damaging the pitch . approx 600mm. wide sponge roller
with scissor handle to make emptying easier . send for full details.
each 95.00 inc carr & VAT click here for more detail on Puddlemaster

White Coats & Caps can be obtained very economically direct from 
Mrs C Allen, The Limes, Hilda Road, Mundesley, Norfolk, NR11 8BA 01263 722 192 (formerly John Budgen,, NR17 2JB).
They can be customised to your exact requirements for loops, pockets, length etc. . .view a copy of her 2009 price list

White Coats are also available for Six'n'Over, 59 Osborne Road, Hornchurch, Essex, RM11 1EX tel/fax 01708 456 020.
Their Ken Palmer model is 29.95 + 2.95 UK p&p.

Bowling Speed meters by Optima details here NOW

ACU&S Regalia (diaries, ties, sweaters, badges, penknives etc) are discontinued -
ECB ACO supplies exclusively from Duncan Fearnley

ACU&S Millennium Training Video - no longer available  historical details of this and other videos

Australian Training Videos/CDs Unfortunately these are not available outside Australia at present.
Please register your interest NOW and we will send you details. for more details of this and other videos

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