Seminars for Instructors and others

These are arranged by The Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers

The annual seminar for instructors is regularly held at Keele in October.   It started in 1974.   Interested instructors should apply through their Regional Training Officers.   Overseas Instructors are particularly welcome and should make application to

Web highlights of Keele 2000 (7/8 Oct) can be found on various links from ACU&S website Home Page.   Video and/or Audio Recordings have been made every year and application should be made to Chairman of Training Board for copies.

Keele 99

Induction for New Instructors

Previous Years at Keele

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Outline details of examinations can be found by clicking this line.but these are currently suspended until Autumn 2001 and fuller details can be found on the ACU&S web pages.

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KEELE  - October 1999

This information was written in advance of the event but the introdcution is relevant to future seminars and the details of the programme may still be of interest.   When I have time, I will change the verbs from future tense to past tense and will also add details of previous years' programmes as this will give ideas to any local seminar organisers.


Geoff Lowden - Seminar Director - writes:

In the peroration of every Keele Seminar I receive several suggestion for inclusion for next year. This year, almost every suggestion has been included in the programme. No doubt some of you will recognise the suggestions you voiced last October. Having followed your advice we find ourselves with a programme 'tiller than normal. We hope you approve. The programme for the 1999 Seminar includes something for the experienced and inexperienced Instructors.

The Saturday programme (in order of appearance) commenced with Mrs. C. Burden, who illustrated how students learn. I am informed that this is a participation presentation. After the tea interval Graham Cooper will be enlightening us on the use of visual aids. Fred Godson's contribution will provide an insight into the organisation and presentation of Scorers' Courses. Colin Edward's will be assisting Fred. Colin will also be giving a repeat of his excellent presentation from last year, this time in frill colour. At present, Colin and Dr. Ben Craven are working together to include the graphics Ben used in preparation for his paper on LBW, which appeared in the June issue of How's That?

On Sunday we plan to open with a presentation by David Fail, entitled Training the Trainer, a much requested topic. After coffee we shall break into discussion groups, then lunch, followed by the reporting back session. The final presentation of the Seminar will be give by John Carr, ECH Director of Cricket operations.

In recent years the informal evening session, after dinner, has developed into a permanent part of the programme. We hope to continue with this popular feature by providing the opportunity to have a 'hands on' experience of the multi media presentation by Colin Edwards. We would also like to invite Instructors to bring along any new innovative ideas they may wish to share with their colleagues on an informal basis afler dinner. The informal evening gathering is an ideal opportunity for Instructors to seek the views and ideas of their peers without the formality of a slot in the main Seminar programme.

Booking Details

The booking system will be similar to that of last year when we introduced a booking form - this is included with this Newsletter. However, there is another change, Graham Watching has accepted the responsibilities undertaken by Bob Cherry in recent years. Further booking forms can he obtained by writing to Graham Watching at 1 Somerset Grove, Rochdale, Lancashire, OLD S YS (Tel: 001706 630264). Please do not send a stamped addressed envelope. Graham will he only too happy to send you a registration pack, which includes instructions on how to book your place and how to find your way to the Hawthorns Conference Park at Keele University.

display a copy of the booking form

Attendance figures have gradually increased in recent years. We like to think this revival is a reflection on the standard of the programme, with a little help from the Foundation Grants each County receives each year for the improvement of Umpiring and Scoring.

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Keele 99

Induction for New Instructors

Previous Years at Keele


Copies (both video and audio) of the proceedings (and those of previous years) will be available from Noel Heaton, 14 Pallett Hill, Catterick Village, Richmond, Yorkshire, DL10 7NT.

The 1998 programme included a multi-media presentation of the Laws by Colin Edwards.

Ann Roberts and Derek Shuttleworth illustrated scoring

A report on Player Discipline Working Party given by Keith Sutherland.

Staffordshire Police Personal safety Unit covered Training Adults.

Alan Fordham, ECB made the final presentation.

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Keele 99

Induction for New Instructors

Previous Years at Keele


The pattern of 1998/9 year is being continued in terms of providing Induction Courses, primarily for those Instructors who are newly recruited, though it is open to those other Instructors who have been carrying out instruction but who have not yet attended one of these Induction Courses

The dates and venues are :  2 Oct 99 - York; 14 Nov 99 - Guildford; 31 Oct 99 - Flitwick; 21 Nov 99 - Taunton

At each of these events the programme will be:

9.30 Registration and Coffee
9.50 Introduction
10.00 Course organisation - including syllabuses, homework, mock exam, exam technique, alternative methods for Parts 1 and 2, finance.
11.00 Law Demonstration using LBW kit, crease markings, etc.
11-55 Discussion Groups
12-45 Working Lunch
13-45 Reports from Groups
14-35 Basic Teaching Know-How
15-25 Teaching the Law using OHP and slides - starting from basics, making your own transparencies and slides 10.
16.15 Open Forum
16.45 Close of Seminar

Those who are recently registered as Grade 3 Instructors will have already received directly a booking form for these Seminars. Other Instructors who wish to attend -this may depend on the level of demand from recent Grade 3 Instructors - can apply to Robbie Robins. His address is:

W.T. Robins, 31 Elswood Court, Palmerston Road, Liverpool, L18 SDJ    email

watch this space for arrangements for registering overseas instructors

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Keele 99

Induction for New Instructors

Previous Years at Keele

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