Waist Pouches currently available from Acumen Books (April 2010)

SIX ZIPPED POCKETS – enough room for three balls and many other items
(It is not normally necessary to carry three balls but it gives some idea of the capacity of the bags)
(price excludes contents which are shown for illustration only)

Leather Six Pocket PLUS radio/phone

Six Pocket Nylon £4.99

Postage within UK, add £1.50 for first one and 25p for each additional pouch.

Extra Loops - We can supply a pair of loops (currently black fabric but we may substitute black elastic if stocks run out) to hang sweaters etc from the waistband
(no extra postage).

November 2009 versions below – all currently out of stock but may be back in Autumn 2010

Five Pocket waist bag with 5 pockets visible 5b

Five Pocket waist bag as worn

(image 5g) – shows the pouch being worn with all the items shown
 – including three balls and a bowler’s marker.

Four Pocket

hard wearing nylon – enough room for three balls and many other items but not the ball gauge £4.49


Six Pocket leather – SOLD OUT - £6.49

Single Pocket still enough room for three balls and a few other items – £2.99


Five + Mobile - leather – OUT of STOCK at present


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