Training Materials for Umpires, Scorers & others

The only material is currently available for the 2003 code of Laws is MCC Open Learning Manual (2003) available from Acumen at 15.00 + p&s;p

Everything else below is obsolete and information retained for historians

Even the ACU&S Millennium Video (details below)

Some of this material (one video and Open Learning Manual) is published by The Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers, the international organisation with Headquarters in England.    Administration Office, PO Box 399 Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3JZ    Please mention that you found them through Acumen Books.  Their Web site : is now open (Spring 2000)

Other videos are published byAustralian Cricket Board, Nat West Bank and England'sNational Cricket Association

Videos available in various formats (NSTC/PAL, VHS/Beta) (see below)

ACU&S Millennium Video - 2000 code available end March 2000

This video which has been sponsored by Emirate Airlines and Dunlop/Slazenger, specifically covers the 2000 changes to the Laws.   More detail about the content and audience comments on ACU&S Millennium video

ACU&S Instructors will receive a copy free of charge automatically.

Copies can also be bought from Acumen Books at 13.99 plus p&p (which ranges from 1.00 for UK to 4.00 Airmail to Far East for a single copy).  Now in stock both PAL and NRSC.

Open Learning Manual -1980 code - out of stock

This is intended for trainee umpires who are unable to attend regular training classes but has also been found very useful by experienced umpires as a refresher.   97 A4 pages included graded revision questions.   It takes each Law in turn, breaking it down into "Analysis Points", "Detail" and "Field Technique".   Originally compiled by George Powley, the latest edition (1994) has been reviewed by ACU&S's Technical Committee.   A sheet has been added to deal with 1998 changes to Law 42.9   Includes 8 pages of diagrams.   Published at 10 with 1.50 UK p&p.

Video N - Nat West 1980 Slide Lectures

Originally issued as series of 6 separate 10 minute (approx) filmstrips with audio commentary to cover all of the 42 Laws in detail, this remains the only comprehensive audio visual package available.   Now placed onto video for economy of reproduction and ease of viewing, this can be used both in the classroom and at home.   The Laws are covered very thoroughly and clearly    Suitable both for beginner and annual revision purposes.   14.99 + 1.00 UK p&p

Video S - ACU&S Four Laws (24, 28, 36, 38) - 1980 code

Filmed in Sheffield in 1992/3 and originally released in two parts, this covers Laws on Wicket is Down, Run Out, LBW and No Ball in considerable depth.  Compiled under the direction of John Shackleton assisted by Robbie Robins and Colin Pearson, this is moving action supplemented by animated diagrams.   Probably best viewed with an ACU&S instructor present to discuss certain points in greater depth.   19.99 + 1.00 UK p&p

Video A#1 - What's Your Decision? - ACB -1980 code Out of Stock

Produced by Australian Cricket Board in 1996, this covers the umpire's duties and certain Laws in more depth than others.   Includes extracts from real live cricket matches.   Only available in UK and limited copies available.   14.99 + 1.00 UK p&p.   Non UK customers should contact Acumen Books for details of special shipping arrangements. 

Video A#2 - The Art of Umpiring - ACB - 1980 code Out of Stock

Produced by Australian Cricket Board in 1999, looks at more practical aspects of umpiring and recommends good practice.   Click here for full contents listing   Only available in UK and limited copies available.   14.99 + 1.00 UK p&p.   Non UK customers should contact Acumen Books for details of special shipping arrangements.

Video B - Dickie Bird's Introduction to Umpiring

Produced by England's National Cricket Association.   We are temporarily out of stock and there has been little demand recently.   Copies can be obtained at short notice if required. 

Video C - Dickie Bird's Greatest Cricketing Moments and Silliest Points

A commercial video - a treasure chest selected by Dickie of magical memories.  14.99 + 1.00 UK p&p in PAL format - may be available in NSTC (for USA) - please enquire later.

Video Formats

We normally supply copies on VHS but can make Betamax copies of some titles if required at extra cost.

More importantly, please specify whether you require NSTCformat which is common in USA and Japan or PAL which is common in UK, Europe, Australasia and parts of Africa.

Most of this material is available for purchase through Acumen Books

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