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Legal Jobs undertaken by Colin Pearson
(either as an employee of Staffordshire University or PPS Ltd throughout UK)

Project Management etc
(BCS Consultant Register, ISEB certificate)
(End User focussed - "Bridging" between IT and user)

Expert Witness work    (Woolf / SJE aware)
(Law Society Registered, Member CIArbitrators)

e-commerce experience
(web page design, programming and many other skills)

Feb2001-present (2003) - I am employed part-time by Staffordshire University on a variety of short-term contracts both strategic and technical, currently acting as Placements Manager (finding sandwich year jobs for over 400 students) but continuing with Expert Witness, both commercial and criminal - click to www.StaffSoC.biz for more details of my activities - which ALSO includes a diary of forthcoming computing events of interest to Businesses in Greater West Midlands Region.   In the event that IPR issues are beyond my normal range, then I am able to call upon the services of an IPR specialist within the University's Research Office, who can also liaise with other relevant academic disciplines. 

To perform my roles, I do a great deal of marketing by email newsletter and other CRM database activities.   I am also both undertaking and teaching on a part time Masters' degree in E-Business at the University (for more details of this visit www.soc.staffs.ac.uk and click on link in bottom right corner).   This includes a number of modules on legal aspects including IPR as well as Data Protection Act. 

Feb - Dec 2001 - I was working on a full time short term contract with SU which linked SMEs in deprived areas of Staffordshire and other parts of West Midlands Region with Research and Evaluation facilities provided by QinetiQ (formerly DERA under an EU grant).   My role is as a salesman and a facilitating project manager including some 30 computer projects and several others including psychometric testing and even sport facilities!   IPR issues were addressed in several of these projects.

I have a very broad base of hybrid business & technical skills which are "most sought after" (John Miskelly, CW p40 Aug 10th) and keep up-to-date by attending many Continuing Professional Development meetings organised by British Computer Society, Society for Computers and Law and other professional bodies.   This is particularly helpful in my preferred role as a "bridging" interface between IT dept / supplier and end user but I can (and do) turn my hand to many other aspects of IT.

Over many years, I have worked on a variety of free lance contracts monstly concerned with Sage/Tetra Chameleon/CS3 Accounts but also investigating feasibility and providing specifications for postcode anaylsis and HSE issues!   Subsequently I have worked on three legal cases, two of which involved retail sales.   I have also worked on telephone bill accounting for a major company and am aware of the complexities both technically and strategically, including Data Protection Act and copyright in programs and data.

My particular skills in Forensic work or ITT/Supplier Selection are rarely mentioned in advertisements but are particularly useful for some short term requirements.   I have attended a conversion course for Woolf rules (including the new SJE role).   One case involved identifying the similarities/differences in a large amount of data and programs.

I have also programmed, and continue to run, a commercial web site selling books to Cricket Umpires worldwide, which again exposes me to Royalty, IPR and copyright issues!   Apart from e-commerce, I also had considerable knowledge on Y2K Time Bomb matters, having written some papers for Business Link (Staffordshire) about  Avoiding Millennium Mayhem also facilitating workshops for them and for Action 2000's "Last Chance", whilst some of this detail is obviously out of date, most of the principles still apply and they demonstrate my technical writing ability.

General Background of Colin Pearson

Accounts Experience & Implementation Project Management
I have implemented many accounting packages (often linked to special applications), usually in a project leader role with prime responsibility in many types of business both small and large..

Contractual Negotiation, Licencing & Configuration Management
For many clients, I negotiated contractual terms following replies to my ITT and, in some cases, evaluated alternative solutions involving the utilisation of existing or legacy systems.   I am aware of licencing, copyright and other implications.  I have prepared legal reports for some clients, including copyright.  I review vendors' capacity planning.

Many clients have systems delivered in a standard working configuration as they are too small to justify sophisticated controls.  However at my last three Unix sites, I have had to take an increasing role in such matters, partly because of the size & complexity of connecting networks but also to increase the performance of Unix and other software.   I have also liased with the people responsible for the DOS & Windows networks tuning.

Avoiding Millennium Mayhem (Year 2000 Issues)
The dti asked Business Links to raise awareness of this issue. I attended several national events, organised local seminars & spoken to numerous groups on the subject. I am aware of the issues of embedded systems and the need for extremely careful project management through the planning, inventory, triage, remedy & testing stages. I produced 7 issues of a technical newsletter which received national recognition.   I was a facilitator for Action 2000's occasional "Last Chance" workshops.

General Management
Currently at Staffordshire University, I have direct line responsibility for 4 members of staff and dotted line responsibility for the actions of 2 academic supervisors and over 50 visit tutors. 

Professional Development
I am very active in several British Computer Society groups, including acting as an assessor at interviews for professional membership grading where we ensure that candidates meet the various criteria laid down in the Industry Standard Model.   I regularly attend meetings on Project Management, Electronic Publishing and Legal matters.   I am Treasurer of both Internet and the recently founded Bridging specialist groups.   I have been a member of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators since undertaking Expert Witness training in 1988 and continue to update those skills.

Personal Qualities
You should be aware that I am a "doer" as well as a leader.   If I cannot get the right people to do the job, then I will roll up my sleeves and do it myself, whether setting up parameters, reports or just keying a list of names & addresses or balances at midnight etc. I take precautions to ensure that I am doing the right actions and rigorously document them.   I try to plan for all eventualities but am not afraid to take pragmatic decisions instantly when needed. My time at ICI also proved my qualities both as leader and as team member.   I had to motivate some 20 staff for whom I had no direct line responsibility and who had several different objectives!

I have created my own commercial web site (
www.acumenbooks.co.uk) in May 1998 which continues to receive a satisfactory number of hits and, in 1999, set up a parallel site (www.acumenbooks.com) which takes credit cards online in several currencies (US, India, Australia etc).  I have attended a course on HTML and set up two other domestic sites (www.audley.net and www.cricketumpire.net).   I have explored and registered with a multitude of search engines and take an interest in more strategic issues.   I have been elected as Treasurer of BCS's Internet Special Interest Group (currently at www.isg.org.uk - but I am not author of that site).

Presentation & Communication Skills
I write reports, user guides, minutes, newsletters etc in a style appropriate to the particular audience. All generally avoiding jargon that would be unintelligible to the particular reader. As a trainer, I am experienced both in speaking to audiences of 200+ and conducting small discussion groups. I can relate well to all levels from Director, through technician to junior clerk.

I have considerable experience of chairing meetings, ranging from project working groups at ICI to my voluntary activities as Rotary District Vocational Chairman and Training Board Chairman of The Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers. I held this position for 17 years, being re-elected annually by 20 people with whom I worked directly and have built from less than 100 to more than 470 instructors world-wide. I have initiated and encouraged others to initiate many special projects.

Basic Details

Basic Details for Colin Pearson

Home Address:

167 Nantwich Rd, Audley, Stoke-on-Trent, ST7 8DL.


tel 01782 720753, fax 720 798, mobile 07956 239 801 ppsltd@a-b.co.uk


Full UK Driving licence; sole user of own car

Best Roles

Project Manager, Implementation Management, Business Analyst, Expert Witness, Consultant, Trainer, Supplier Sel'ctn, Database Administrator, Bridging, Facilitator

Best Skills

Hybrid Business/Technical, Presentation, Contract Negotiation, Chairman, Reconciliat'n, Data Protection, Escrow agreement, Forensic Analysis,


International Computers Ltd (predecessors/subsidiaries)

to 1981

Programming, Systems Analysis, Training, Project Leader, Marketing.

1981 on

Pearson's Professional Services Ltd (and associates) Freelance Consultancy multi-discipline

2001 - present Staffordshire University - IT for Business Manager / Placements Manager


Eastbourne College: 13 O-level, 4 A-level, 3 S-level,


State & Entrance Scholarships. MA (Hons, Maths), Sidney Sussex Collg, Cambridge

Additional Studies:

Diploma of Management Studies (Yr 1 & 2)

Masters in E-Business 2001-2004


Lord Woolf's Reforms for Experts - June 1999


ISEB Project Management Certificate (BCS written and oral exam) 1998


Negotiating Computer Contracts, Computer Disputes & Litigation,


Legal Regulation of IT, Year 2000 briefings, Data Protection - Registrar's Briefings,


Entrance & Expert Witness Courses, Refresher Conference 1998, Inst of Arbitrators


ALSO list of recent CPD sessions on request.


British Computer Society, Full Member, now CEng.


Included in BCS Counsellors' List since 1984


Law Society List of Expert Witnesses.1999

Treasurer of BCS Business IT Interface group


Treasurer of BCS Internet specialist group


Member of BCS Law and Project Management specialist groups


Member, Institute Data Processing Management


Member, Association of Computer Professionals


Member, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators


Member, Society for Computers and Law


Member, Society of Expert Witnesses


Listed by DTI under former Enterprise Initiative scheme

Technical Knowledge
(a very wide variety of computers, operating systems and applications - full details on request)

Litigation Work: I have been involved in 30 cases, ranging from simple or preliminary investigations, preparing reports for Counsel, to giving evidence in court and am now on several official registers
Relevant referees have been provided to both British Computer and Law Societies' Registers but can be contacted directly with moderation if necessary.    This has involved copyright, professional practices, paedophilia as well as commercial contract disputes.

Chronological Summary of Projects - can be found
at http://www.a-b.co.uk/pps/colincv.htm

I would stress that one of my qualities is flexibility and the ability to get up to speed rapidly. I am willing to retrain but I am told that at Analyst level the conversion from Informix to Oracle or other relational databases is comparatively simple and that a client might find that my general strengths and breadth of knowledge far outweigh my lack of specific experience.

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