Please note that Colin Pearson is no longer actively seeking work but has arranged to pass any enquiries to colleagues.

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Colin Pearson, PPS 1981 Ltd,
Pennyfields, New Road, Bignall End, Stoke-on-Trent, ST7 8QF.
Tel 01782 720 753. Mobile: 0956 239 801. Email:
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Jobs undertaken

Project Management etc

available fulltime February 1999

Expert Witness work part time as required

I have a very broad base of hybrid business & technical skills which are "most sought after" (John Miskelly, CW p40 Aug 10th) and keep up-to-date by attending many professional society meetings.

I am currently semi-retired with a colleague taking over the computer legal work..

I did work in South London as a troubleshooter for Tetra Chameleon Accounts with Informix 4GL front end suite for a large company part of an international group. I am currently looking at possible links between standard packages for vehicle routing and their own 4GL suite, both for feasibility, specification and possibly some programming. This contract has run over into January 1999 on a part time basis but I am able to undertake limited part-time work such as Expert Witness in the meanwhile and would welcome such enquiries.

My CV is in two parts: a formal list of qualifications, appointments and skills and more technical detail of Unix, Tetra, 4GL skills together with details of Feasibility Studies, Supplier Selection, Contract Negotiation, Project Managing the Implementation.

some detail of legal cases.

My major roles are as Champion (an ICI term expressing rather more than just a Project Manager, including Ambassadorial functions such as internal marketing, lobbying etc), Project Leader, Business Analyst. I have a good overview of Millennium Issues.

My experience is equally suited to Systems Analyst, Support Consultant, User Liaison, Trainer, Systems Manager, Data Base Administrator etc.

My particular skills in Forensic work or ITT/Supplier Selection are rarely mentioned in advertisements but are particularly useful for some short term requirements.

Freelance or Permanent, Location

I would stress that I am not particularly wedded to the feast and famine life of a freelance and was quite happy as an employee of TRL, Bracknell until Privatisation came along and totally disrupted the whole organisation. I have spent over 2 years as a weekly commuter and whilst I am keen to finish promptly on a Friday evening, there is considerably more freedom for me to work unsocial hours during the week.

If the job really requires occasional weekend working, then I can be available. I have occasional evening commitments in London which would make a contract Home Counties job attractive. I would not wish to move house for a permanent job & would love one within commuting distance of Audley!

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