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This video which has been sponsored by Emirate Airlines and Dunlop/Slazenger, specifically covers the 2000 changes to the Laws.

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This is the official video highlighting the major changes in the Laws of Cricket, commissioned by the Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers, (ACU&S) sponsored by Emirates Airline and Dunlop Slazenger, with the active endorsement of the MCC and ECB. It is essential viewing for all cricket enthusiasts . whether actively involved in the game, or dedicated followers.

It gives an overview of the most important changes in a stimulating and readily understood manner. It features John Holder, ECB First Class List umpire who has experience in Test and One day International matches, demonstrating how the new penalties against offending players and teams are signalled, scored and implemented. It is illustrated with footage specially filmed in Barbados.

Sir Garfield Sobers at Kensington Oval talks about the way in which cricket has changed and how vital it is that the Spirit of the Game continues to prevail.

The narrator, dubbed "The Voice of Cricket" is Johnny Dennis, heard at Lord. s and other Test match grounds.

The awarding of penalty runs and vital areas such as scoring have both been significantly changed, and there are many more important changes which are clearly covered in this video which is an official production, approved and endorsed by the MCC, guardians of the Laws of Cricket world-wide and the England and Wales Cricket Board.

In 60 minutes, it:


Chris Ayliffe feels a bit disappointed - somewhat pedestrian


Barry Gough however writes more enthusiastically


At last a really useful and earnest attempt has been made to help understanding and constancy in Umpiring, world wide!

I have just watched my copy that arrived yesterday, for the first time and found it to be excellent.

I have immediately been reminded of little points that were mentioned by our lecturers when I attended the recent New Law Revision Course here in the New Forest, but some of these had already fallen to the back of my mind.

We all need to constantly refer to Tom Smith's and carry the "Blue Book" and never more so than this coming season, but what an additional pleasure it will be to sit in a comfy armchair; to reach for a glass and inwardly digest these New Laws in such an idyllic dreamworld.

Well done! I believe that every club should have a free copy sent to them with the encouragement to hold pre, or early season meetings using this for the benefit of all players and their own Umpires. The changes are sweeping and it will take time to get the message across, but this video will be a great messenger, if used correctly.

It should also help to encourage players to start Umpiring at a much earlier age than most do now and I sincerely hope the ECB, the ACU&S and others will push forward with an ongoing campaign to encourage and recruit potential Umpire Members accordingly.

Must go, I just have a spare hour now to watch it again!


ACU&S Official Instructors should receive a copy free of charge automatically.   They were posted before 25th April by ACU&S and complaints about faulty or missing copies should be made to your Regional Training Officer (or Overseas Training Officer) and NOT to Acumen Books.

ACU&S Individual Members and Affiliated Associations should purchase their copies direct from ACU&S at a special price (expected to be 11.50 and 13.50 respectively) but please follow the instructions printed in the latest edition of How's That?   We are uncertain as to whether and how they will handle credit card orders.   It is hoped that some copies will be available for sale at ACU&S AGM, Edgbaston.

Other customers can purchase from Acumen Books at the normal commercial price of 13.99 plus p&p (which ranges from 1.01 for UK to 4.00 Airmail to Far East for a single copy).  We received copies to despatch on Thursday 26th April. If you have paid and not received a copy by Tuesday 1st May (in UK), please contact Val, preferably by email.   Overseas customers should allow a little longer.

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