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Playfair Cricket Annual                                   April 2006

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Club Cricket Yearbook                                    April 2006

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PLAN CRICKET – Christopher Bazalgette’s guide for club administrators £9.99


TEACH CRICKET – ECB & ICC approved guide for teachers, parents & coaches to make teaching cricket fun for children by Richard O’Sullivan & Richard Thomas               £11.99


DUCKWORTH LEWIS GUIDE – by the inventors – latest edition   £5.99


RECORD CARDS100 A6 £7.00 +  95p p&p 30 A6, £3.40 + 60p p&p

The cards, designed with Premier League in mind, now contain more overs and space to record the exact times necessary for calculation of allowances/penalties for slow bowling rates.

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Club Cricket Yearbook 2006

This book fills a long standing and keenly felt gap in the market.  Since 1982, there has not been a yearbook available giving details of league cricket all over the British Isles.

The Club Cricket Yearbook 2006 does just that. in 356 pages covering all major leagues in England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales.  All 25 ECB Premier Leagues are covered, together with many lower level leagues.  We also include the Scottish National League, leagues in Ireland and the various professional leagues in the North of England, as well as the major cup competitions. 

All cricketers need this book!  Got a cup game against unfamiliar opposition coming up?  Then you need to know where they play & how good they are.  Just recruited a new player who says he used to play for XCC?  Wouldn’t it be useful to know what standard XCC play at?  Always wanted to pay a visit to Owmby CC, but thought it would be impossible without a car?  This book tells you different.  Where do I come off the bypass to get to Brighton & Hove CC without struggling through the town centre?  It tells you that!  How come we do all this travelling – do all the clubs in Premier Leagues have to go this far?  This book will answer that one as well. 

And of course, the league tables from over a hundred leagues are here.  Who won the Middlesex League this year?  Who were relegated to the 3rd Division?  All this information is here. 

Wisden Almanack SPECIAL Edition 2006

In addition, this year we are also publishing a "special edition" of Wisden 2006 which will be a large format version about TWICE the normal size Almanack, particularly for elderly readers. - see the recent article in The Times newspaper at:,,22669-2038005,00.html


It will be hardback limited edition of 5000 copies, and each copy will be individually numbered and slip cased.   The cover price is £50 and Acumen will supply post free.



Do you know all the organisations offering grants for cricket clubs?

Have you tried and tested all the methods of fundraising?

Have you converted your club to the Clubmark scheme?
- A sure way to be allocated funds from the ECB.
- What is Clubmark?
- There is a full example for a club ­from start to recognition.

What is CRB?  How to be ‘young friendly’

Plan Cricket

­£9.99 inc UK p&p
3 for £25 - ask for bulk prices

All the answers are in PLAN Cricket and so much more ­ The Administrators Bible by Christopher Bazalgette & John Appleyard – available from Acumen Books, 167 Nantwich Rd, Audley, ST7 8DL

Every aspect of running a successful cricket club plus

Every officer’s role within the club is fully explained
      and there are a few surprises as well.
All Club officers should have one for immediate reference.

How to become:             1. A Groundsman

                                      2. A Coach

                                      3. An Umpire

                                      4. A Scorer

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