As at 30nov22, we are aware of the following local distributors of Law Books (and probably Tom Smith's)

If you want single copies, please contact the local organiser first rather than - some of them are offering free or discounted copies.

UK - A list of all known Englaish & Welsh ACOs can be found here

        Otherwise buy from Acumen using email and bank transfer, including your postcode as reference - sorry we are not big enough to justify card payments and eBay takes a large commission.

New Zealand -
Australia -
India - theo braganza <
St Vincent
Hong Kong

For single copies to other countries, please use our eBay shop.

If you would like your contact details to appear here, please post a reply on this board - it is free!

If you would like a bulk supply at a substantial discount, please email

Copies are also avaiable from Lords Bookshop and Duncan Fearnley's ECBACO shop but delivery charges are often higher than Acumen.