COUNTERS for Cricket Umpires (prices updated 31dec21)

(count the balls with a lever or dial the overs & wickets
tally the runs electronically or mechanically)

CHOOSING A BALL COUNTER - We strongly recommend the 6 lever counter rather than the dial counters based on over 100 formal observations of umpires BECAUSE:-

The dial counter has a single action whilst the lever has two actions - less likelihood of making a mistake
When the dial reaches 6 it is easy to go on - although you can smooth the edge of the wheel to alert you - with the levers, you have nothing left!

ALSO many umpires look at dial whilst ball is in play - I have videoed a few horrors!  With the levers, you never need to look - just feel!
always pull the levers towards you and then turn it the other way for the next over
you may use a little furniture polish to ease the movement - do not force it using the tip.

Overs and wickets should be written down, probably with timings

For checking the runs, Electronic tally counter is more compact - otherwise same function as heavy metal

Electronic finger tally counter
Water Resistant to 3 metres - suitable for swimmers etc 10.00 inc worldwide p&p cheque with order.

Plastic lever counter with electronic tally

Once used, never discarded!   The traditional/classic 

at an affordable price
10 inc worldwide p&p ONE YEAR warranty

Normally supplied with finger Velcro band.

please specify if you prefer (longer) wristband (same price)

Lubricate the hinges on both lever counters with some furniture polish occasionally.
COUNT using two stage process
1 move to 90 degrees when ball comes into play
2 move to 180 degrees when striker receives fair delivery
   OR move back to 0 degrees if Wide or No Ball.

At the end of the over, if using PLASTIC, simply turn it round so that you are always pulling levers towards you.
   if using METAL, simply lift the reset plate to 90 degrees and push levers flat.

Metal 6 lever counter

The traditional, METAL 6-LEVER COUNTER 

LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE as at 1st April 2023
We also buy and sell secondhand ones.
send us an email to place an order or to sell your old one



NEW 2023 SUPERIOR DIAL COUNTER pictures to follow 8.00 in UK p&p
has Balls, overs & Wickets with a lanyard - shaped like Hunts/Readers (below right)

Ball, Over & Wicket Counter
Ball & Over Counter

Gray Nicholls Ball, Over & Wicket CounterPlease do not look at the dials whilst the ball is in play anything can happen even during a very brief glance.

IMHO, and practical experience, lever counters (or tokens/pebbles/coins) are far superior for two major reasons:
1 You should write down overs & wickets not just dialling them
2 an occasional tendency to miscount balls with the single dial

If there is any distraction, you cannot be certain you have clicked
Several times, umpires have reachxxed 6 and then gone on!

Readers Ball & Over counter

 4 plastic thumb-wheels,
1 for Wickets, 1 for balls and 2 for overs
but no mechanical link between them.
Fits in either hand. 

manufactured by Gray-Nicolls.

7.50 + 1.00 UK p&p

GOOD STOCK as at 31dec21

HOWEVER with levers/tokens, you should use two stage process

tokens/coins/marbles etc
1  when ball comes into play take token out of right hand pocket)
2 when striker receives fair delivery, place token in left hand pocket)

OR move back to right hand pocket if Wide or No Ball.

At the end of the over, move all tokens back to right hand pocket

Physical action (whether tokens or levers) leaves a better memory!


 3 plastic thumb-wheels,
1 for balls and 2 for overs
but no mechanical link between them.
Fits snugly but upside down in left hand

5.95 + 0.75 UK p&p
LIMITED STOCK availableas at 31dec21

SIMILAR manufactured by Readers
EXCEPT that it has no black printing
6.50 +
0.85 UK p&p


originally manufactured for Hunts
(and possibly other brands)

Tally Counters
use any of the models to check on the scores (Law 2.15) - keep in pocket or hold in hand
- also ideal for practice games / coaching
just press each run (up to 9999, enough even for West Indies!) easily reset

We recommend E6 electronic model on finger strap (above) with lever counter

Metal cylindircal tally
Metal Cylindrical
with metal loop to fit over finger.
9.95 + 3.00 p&p

ALSO desk mounted singly or in a bank
(please ask for details)

Rexel Plastic Tally+ +
Plastic Black bullet
with short string loop (to go round fingers).


Electronic counter on Neck strap
2004 electronic counter E2
with neck strap or wrist strap.
Neck strap 4.95
+ 3.00 p&p
Wrist strap no stock
+ 3.00 p&p
You can convert Neck to Wrist
by carefully undoing four screws
adjust length to suit.

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