for Cricket Umpires and Groundsmen

2016: Acumen are pleased to announce a LIGHT METER
high accuracy, data hold
tested by several umpires
20+3 UK p&p.

Initially Light Meters were supplied to TCCB by manufacturers, Megatron Ltd, London, N19 4NE
Their model ULM was approx 150 each inc P&P & VAT-
BUT that company has ceased trading.
HOWEVER says that much of their business has been taken over by
Optical Test and Calibration Ltd, Bradford, BD7 1HR - visit

There is no specified light level for recreational cricket. Initially umpires should make a subjective judgement and then take a series of readings. You will subsequently be able to determine objectively whether the light has improved or deteriorated.

George Temperley kindly advises me that ECB use SAMPOLX1332B available from Useland via Amazon at 36.90 but it is not clear whether these include a calibration certificate as required by ICC regulation paragraph 3.62

2017 Additions
Bat Gauge Ladies' ball gauge
Bat gauge 2017 Ladies' Ball gauge
Now you can check that every bat conforms to  MCC 2017 Laws  This will test whether the smaller balls are correct size.

7-in-1 : ULTIMATE multi-gauge

7-in-1 Multi-Gauge manufactured for Acumen to test the size and especially the roundness of balls, also stump spacing, bat width, bail dimensions, Protected area & EVEN notches to ensure the accurate centring of stumps!
Various models have been produced in aluminium, thick plastic and thin (still durable) plastic but not all models are currently available.  
We can supply with your own association or sponsor logo minimum order 100 pis allow 3 months for delivery.
Email office[AT] for details
Aluminium : hinged SOLD OUT 2015
Plastic CURRENT 2019-2022
Thick (3mm) Plastic 7-in-1 : pivotted
28 cheque with order inc worldwide p&p includes cover

2009 Plastic version I March 2021, we are planning to produce another thin plastic hinged model similar to 2009 edition but with all 7-in-1 markings.  We are also awaiting quotations on hinged aluminium models.

Thin Plastic Hinged circa 2009

Stump Gauge - three metal prongs fixed to make holes for stumps at the right distance apart.. 7.49 + 3.00 UK p&p

Caliper Gauge designed to measure accurately (to 0.1mm) the outside width of solid objects, such as bats, bails etc - also use at home, DIY - metal & plastic models available.
plastic 2.00 0.50 metal 5.00 0.75

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