Pens for Scorers (updated July 2019)

All pens recommended by at least one member of present ACO or previous ACUS Scorers‘ Board
All pen manufacturers (Edding, Staedtler) claim a nominal thickness of 0.3mm


Staedtler Triplus Pens - in robust carrying case, which stands up

Staedtler 10 pack

Staedtler 20 pack

NB Computer reproduction may not be accurate representation of actual pen colour. 

Illustration and description is from manufacturer's current website.

We are selling stock in previous packaging at original prices - well below current RRP!

Pack of 10Pack of 20

SB10: Pack of 10 colours £5.99 plus £1.50 UK p&p
SB20: Pack of 20 colours £11.75 plus £2.00 UK p&p


Staedtler Silverball Pens - as suggested by Cathy Rawson - 0.3mm roller ball - waterproof ink

Silverball pens

  • Rollerball with ink reservoir

  • Airplane-safe - An automatic pressure equalisation prevents pen leakage while on board aircraft

  • Pressure-stable, long life metal tip

  • Suitable for carbon copies

  • PP barrel guarantees long service life

  • Line width: approx. 0.3 mm

  • with clip


deep yellow, orange, red, pink, turquoise, green, blue, purple, brown, black


Edding 55 Fineliner Pens - as recommended by ACU&S Scorers' committee - 0.3mm metal framed tip

Click here for Ryman's Picture & Description of this product

Single Pens (£1.00 each + £1.50 UK p&p any quantity): Black, Red, Blue and Green (only 2 Green left)

Box of 10 pens SOLD OUT
one each of four major colours
PLUS yellow, orange, brown, violet, pink, light blue.

Box of 20 pens (NEW) (£25.00 + £2.00 UK p&p): LAST ONE
two each of four major colours PLUS same colours as 10 Box
PLUS light green, grey, turquoise, steel blue, carmine red, magenta.

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