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We regret to announce the death of Ian Forrester of Shrewsbury, aged 61.  He had umpired in Minor Counties and a number of leagues for many years before ill health forced him to retire from the field.  Recently he has been helping with Observations in Staffordshire.

There has been a delay in production of Tom Smith Books, possibly several months

We regret to announce the death of Fred Godson, aged 77.  He was an Elected Councillor, Regional Scorer Officer, Umpire Instructor and started scorer courses in the North East passed away on 7th October 2017. He “resigned” from all things cricket a couple of years ago but was still helping maintain the ground at Percy Main CC and last year assisted with a scorer course in Northumberland. He had also been working his way through the new MCC Law book and making notes whilst in hospital.

(apologies for any glitches, our site is undergoing an overhaul - in light of new postal rates and regs - new MCC Laws and a new ISP !) - you may need to click on some of the X to display or activate the relevant link (can anyone tell me why it does not display automatically?).

MCC Law Books 2017  RRP £3.50
 + £1.50 UK p&p or £4.00 overseas p&p
Want BULK?  Ask for quotation

Test whether every bat meets new standard MCC 2017
using this gauge in its handy pseudo leather pouch.

Hang their hats on your belt!  £4.00 inc UK p&p
(thanks to Royal Mail's punitive parcel definition)
can be combined with other items at £1.95 each.

15oct16 Ball Gauges for Ladies – Marcus Couto has manufactured some rings, pairs of which come in a quality leather bag. £15 inc p&p WORLDWIDE

05mar16 UPDATED EQUIPMENT WEB PAGES – or click on picture below to go to that section.




Cathy Rawson reports that Brian Molloy passed away over the weekend (2/3 January 2016) in Poole hospital - A summary of his ACU&S career can be found here.

a few 2015 Law Books available – £0.50 plus p&p.

Log Books & Gauges all in stock - 2015

Please note our NEW ADDRESS –
Pennyfields, New Road, Bignall End, Stoke-on-Trent, ST7 8QF

We apologise for any poor service, especially with occasional items still buried in garage
– we have been negotiating, settling in, packing & unpacking 40 years of possessions!

Please be aware that Val Bowers is no longer with us – I will remove all such references in due course.


same size and prices as before
please email office<AT>AcumenBooks.co.uk
to obtain quotation for bulk discounts
with FREE copy of Len Martin on LBW
ALSO free robust plastic lever counter with 100 or more.

SPECIAL OFFER send cheque for £3.75 (inc UK p&p) payable Acumen Books before 31st October 2013 - this includes FREE plastic cover!

You cannot get better deals anywhere else!

01Aug13 FOUR NEW BOOKS – details at www.AcumenBooks.co.uk/NewBooks2013.html

April 2013 – Log Books – standard price £8 + £2 UK p&p cash or cheque

all your matches for the season in one place
record bowler's over, fall of wickets and other timing calculations
Also crib sheet of penalties & over rates

15may12 New Postal Rates apply BUT
We now apply a standard £3.00 charge on almost all UK orders irrespective of size – please email us to check for very small items.

Tom Smiths UK p&p is £3.00 per copy

Cheap electronic tally counter to fit on finger, similar to those illustrated BUT not waterproof - £3.00 each inc UKp&p

01jan12 Happy New Year to all our visitors

Back numbers of some of our regular newsletters can be found at www.acumenbooks.co.uk/newsletters

We have good stocks 6-lever counters - both in plastic and metal.

Printed copies of MCC Open Learning Manual now available

We also offer cheapest retail price on 2010/2011 Tom Smith's at £9.99 ex-stock although we do have to add postage on small orders.

email office[AT]AcumenBooks.co.uk for prices

Click here for details of two other new titles

- Think Cricket Compete Mentally

- Duckworth Lewis – The men behind it

Cover of 2010 Tom Smith
Improved 2011 logbook available

(sorry lists are a little out of date)

2010 MCC Laws Blue Book readily available
with FREE transparent plastic cover.
special BULK prices for 30 or more copies.

ROBUST LEVER COUNTER - available on trial or return basis

see simple lists of books & equipment below

Bargains1008.html for MASSIVE 90% off LIMITED STOCK CLEARANCE

Reductions1008.html for 50% off many selected items

In all cases, email your requirements to office@acumenbooks.co.uk with subject starting “Want ...”and we will quote postage, payment method and availability for delivery.

Actual production pictures from manufacturer.
NB we have made it asymmetric so that you should not get confused as to which way you are counting!
Also levers protrude slightly for ease of use.

Nylon2009 shows how it might be held in the hand and used in conjunction with electronic finger tally (also available from Acumen Books)

Band2009 shows how it might be worn on wrist.
NB present counter will be all white

29jun10 – EVEN MORE TROUSERS now available – also Various types of sweater loops introduced - PLUS Progress with Lever Counter

01jun10 – SMARTER TROUSERS available – also Equipment page overhauled

08may10 – two new links:
www.theacssi.com The Association of Cricket Statisticians and Scorers of India
www.startlocal.com.au/articles/educational_cricket.html a useful list of cricket links

24apr10 – Inquest into death of Alcwyn Jenkins – Welsh Umpire killed by cricket ball

20mar10 – several plastic and aluminium versions of multi-gauge now available.

12mar10 - www.sasportscoaching.com SA Sports Coaching based in Yorkshire run jointly by Sam Anderson (ECB Level 3 and former Yorkshire CCC Academy coach) and James Finch (ex Yorkshire CCC all rounder).

08mar10 – please be aware that there will be no despatches between late March and mid April 2010 due to staff holidays – we do not advertise exact dates to minimise risk of burglary (not that I can imagine our products would find a ready black market in the local pub!) - bear with us if you get no reply to emails or phone messages.

10feb10 – West Ilsley CC have a very interesting advert for cricket umpires at www.westilsleycricket.net/The%20Devils%20challenged%20the%20Angels%20to%20a%20game%20of%20cricket.pdf .

18nov09 – pictures of waist bags currently available

14oct09 www.sundaytimes.lk/091018/News/nws_26.html reports Ajith Perera's historic judgment against Government of Sri Lanka forcing them to implement international treaty obligations on building regulations for disabled access. Congratulations to Idiriya campaign.

The latest 7-in-1 Aluminium multi-gauge now available
£25 inc p&p worldwide – cheque with order - also available on www.acumenbooks.com with credit card but price may vary

ALSO in 3mm thick plastic at £15

Small electronic counter (£9.99) together with lever counter and strap (new-£75 in 2011) can be held conveniently in one hand.

Reprint of Tom Smith back in stock BUT new price £12.99

11jul09 – Robbie Robins died 09jul09, several obituaries can be found at http://nompere.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=obituaries&thread=361&page=1 and you are invited to share your memories there.

Read the latest reviews of programs for cricket scorers

21oct08 – Nigel Plews died 19oct08 Cricinfo has a short obituary - you can add your memories at http:\\nompere.proboards37.com

18oct08 – Second hand books from Trinidad

17oct08 – IDIRIYA - enabling Sri Lanka - Annual Report

25may08 – some revision to site including links to http://www.ecb.co.uk/be-involved/officials
latest unconfirmed information is that
(a) all ECBACO membership cards have been posted
(b) ACUS refunds are still being processed (complicated process exacerbated due to only volunteer staff available)
(c) draft level 1 umpire examination syllabus is now in circulation.
(d) scorer examinations are in active preparation

23may08 – Rubber Bowlers Markers – YOUR OWN LOGO late Summer – depending on demand mailto:office[AT]acumenbooks.co.uk?subject=WantLogoMarkers with some idea of the image required by your league, club or advertiser and the quantity concerned to obtain a quote.

22may08 – Michael Rundell's Original Laws of Cricket – new book with 64pp & 20 images - mailto:office[AT]acumenbooks.co.uk?subject=WantRundell and then send cheque with order to address above. Book is £5.99 – add £1.00 UK p&p


08feb08 – more links added www.acumenbooks.co.uk/linmain.html

20jan08 – Competition Answers to ACU&S Christmas Challenge

01jan08 – ACU&S Senior Officers announce immediate closure even though ECBACO not yet properly functioning

Acumen E-Newsletter 3 despatched 11 Nov 07 – follow subscribe link above to receive next edition using Google Groups.

11nov07 – Ideas for Christmas Books

01nov07 – Discuss the proposal to abolish ACU&S and form ECBACO

21oct07 – Don Kirkby's revision question books now available – see www.acumenbooks.com for more details.

14oct07 – Tom Smith has been reprinted but still the 2006 edition, containing amendments to pages 137, 196, 223,265,275,297,302 and 313.

21jul07 – Colorado Umpires have set an online quiz - try it at www.coloradocricket.org/quiz/CCL_Umpiring.php

30jul07 – ACU&S General Council met on Wed 24th July to consider holding a ballot over the latest proposals from ECB – www.acus.org.uk for more details.

10feb07 - NEW Run counter – slips on your finger and counts up to 9,999

11feb07 - Acumen E-Newsletter #110

13jan07 – Acumen E-Newsletter #109 was sent out on 14jan07


We regret to announce the death of

Mike  (H.E.N.) Starr, Life Vice-President and former Chief Examiner Orals. 

13nov06 Khalid Aziz's book & Open Learning Manuals in stock

We regret to announce two deaths

 David Wiley -  ACU&S Honorary Member,
long and valuable service over many years

Former Chairman, Editor, Training & Exam Board Chairman etc.
Funeral Thu 02 Nov 06

statistician and broadcaster, Ashim Kumar Sarkar from Kolkata, Sarkar
died in October of a rare viral infection, aged 44 year, a tragic loss.

We regret to announce three deaths

 Tony Barton -  Funeral Friday 25 August, 2.15pm, Haycombe Cemetery, Whiteway Road, Bath.

Johnny Johnston, ACU&S Life Vice-President and former Registrar. Funeral Wed 16 Aug

International (1983-1988) Cricket Umpire Padmakar Pandit died in a road accident in India recently.

30jul06 Acumen has added List of Cricket Shops (July 2006) who may be able to supply general items locally

We regret to announce the death on 17th July 2006 of
Tony Davies of Crewe, a very long serving member of various umpiring organisations, especially widely known as ACU&S Overseas Examinations Officer .http://www.thesentinel.co.uk/displayNode.jsp?nodeId=158316&command=displayContent&sourceNode=158309&contentPK=14940996&f .

01jul06 Acumen has now set up an open discussion forum  – to seek your views on proposals by Institute of Cricket Umpires & Scorers and controversial opposition from Independent Cricket Officials.    Please visit Acumen Discussion Board and have your say.

15apr06 TandF are publishing a range of international and historical titles - yet more interesting links have been added to www.acumenbooks.co.uk/links06.html

04mar06 AMENDMENTS to Tom Smith 2003 edition - www.acumenbooks.co.uk/jts0601.doc a short downloadable list provided by Stan Bennett.

03mar06 DirectoryCricket.com - www.directorycricket.com cricket directory links to a directory of cricket resources and information websites but even more interesting links can be found on www.acumenbooks.co.uk/links06.html

02mar06 WHITE COATS / JACKETS / HEADGEAR at economical prices www.acumenbooks.co.uk/budgen.html

18Feb06 ACU&S has a temporary new web site and members are encouraged to click the NEWS link where they can read reassuring statements about insurance etc.

14feb06 Funeral of Tony Chester, a long serving officer

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